Saturn Power: Energy Storage Systems that Drive Operational Efficiency

Saturn Power: Energy Storage Systems that Drive Operational Efficiency

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Mike Brugge, VP of Engineering, Saturn PowerMike Brugge, VP of Engineering
Saturn Power’s emergence in the energy storage space is indeed an interesting development. The renewable energy company, founded in 2007, has spent over a decade developing, building and operating large solar and wind projects in Canada, the US and Europe. In 2017, Saturn Power ventured into battery storage systems with its maiden project being a Reactive Support and Voltage Control (RSVC) system for the Independent Energy System Operator in Ontario. The company has co-developed two utility-scale energy storage systems, one of which is the largest battery in Canada, with a storage capacity of 40.8 Megawatt hours - enough to supply more than 10,000 homes with electricity for an hour. Capitalizing on 11 years of natural energy project development and construction experience, Saturn Power’s entry into the storage sector is focused on ensuring that utilities and heavy industries overcome their operational challenges.

“We integrate commercially available solutions to modernize our clients’ grid infrastructure.” says Mike Brugge, Saturn Power’s Vice President of Engineering.“With this strategy, we help them balance the energy supply and demand, meet the necessary compliance mandates, and find cost efficiencies to remain competitive in the market.” The company develops, permits, procures, engineers, constructs and invests in energy storage solutions, backing its efforts with operational and asset management services.

To address the infrastructural challenges and power quality issues inherent in the utilities sector, Saturn maintains constant interaction with clients during the entire service delivery period.

The company examines the client’s power quality requirements, charge and discharge demands, and then conceptualizes an energy storage solution specific to the client’s needs. Once the custom solution is integrated with existing infrastructure, Saturn provides clients the ability to control the charge and discharge capabilities while responding to frequency, voltage and power quality demands in real time.

Saturn Power recognizes that battery storage systems can reform the heavy industry sector by lowering demand during hard-to-predict peak grid events. To that end, it provides highly customized behind-the-meter energy storage solutions.

At the outset of a client engagement, Saturn Power determines the client’s requirements, factoring in variables such as load size, location and land availability. After analyzing this data, Saturn develops and designs a custom, cost-effective integration plan with the intention of operating the facility, once online, for a minimum of 10 years. The storage solution draws power from the grid during the non-peak hours, storing this energy for later use during peak demand hours. This method provides savings for industries during peaks while tackling common manufacturing energy issues such as unreliability, inconsistency, and fluctuation. Saturn Power is currently financing and building a 19MWh system in Ontario that will decrease the customers yearly energy costs without them accruing any capital risk.

Saturn Power is always looking to collaborate with clients on new projects, offering comprehensive operational services and maintenance support while establishing a consistent feedback loop. The company’s competitive advantage derives from its ability to exclusively rely on internal resources to develop, design, construct, and finance projects, providing clients with efficient, turnkey solutions.

Saturn Power is currently developing a pipeline of solar + storage projects. They’re also conducting research in transmission upgrade deferral markets. Having recognized the role of electric vehicles in the energy sector, the company is studying repurposing electric vehicle batteries to provide a secondary revenue stream for investors while lowering the cost of their solutions and electric vehicles.

Entering its second decade, Saturn Power’s goal continues to focus on creating a sustainable environment for future generations, by advancing the use of clean energy.

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Saturn Power


Mike Brugge, VP of Engineering

Saturn Power develops, operates and owns solar, energy storage and wind power projects. The compoany has made the adoption and promotion of sustainable corporate practices part of its operational philosophy. Its is mindful of both financial and environmental sustainability with respect to its project development. Saturn Power thoroughly explores the needs of stakeholders to meet the varied needs, by providing diverse financial and ownership structures, as well as specialized strategies for each unique community and section of lan