Leoch Battery: A Feasible Energy Storage Solution

Leoch Battery: A Feasible Energy Storage Solution

Dianne Dickey, President, Leoch BatteryDianne Dickey, President
Lead-acid batteries have been fulfilling the needs of day-to-day energy storage for years now, encouraging both renewable energy and keeping a low carbon footprint. One of the biggest challenges to a battery-energy storage system is the difficulty in identifying the right type of battery. Conducting a reasonable comparison is difficult, because of varied factors, such as depth of discharge, operating temperature, recharge time, size/footprint, energy density, cost and more. Every industry has different requirements, which are growing and changing rapidly. Leoch Battery produces lead-acid batteries keeping all these factors in mind and serves various industries as per their requirements. A global manufacturer of lead-acid batteries, Leoch Battery has been supplying a wide variety of designs in batteries for 20 years. From telecom, automotive to general-purpose applications, the company offers solutions that fit the needs of all, in terms of energy storage component, use, and functionality. “We provide the heart and soul of an energy storage solution—the battery—working with system integrators who combine with the other components to provide the whole solution,” says Dianne Dickey, President of Leoch Battery, North America.The company manufactures lead-acid batteries that suit different weather conditions, specific applications, and system sizes.

The company started twenty years ago, with just one plant in China, and has since expanded its presence in five different countries with ten manufacturing plants and production capacity of 20,000,000 KVAH per year. With around 500 engineers working in the company’s six R&D centers, Leoch Battery is continuously exploring advanced designs and technologies to create the next generation of battery design. One example is its strategic partnership with Gridtential Energy for the development of an innovative award-winning bipolar battery design.

We provide the heart and soul of an energy storage solution”; “Lead-acid batteries continue to play a vital role in powering future storage needs”, and “every customer has a unique need and solutions should be customized accordingly

Dickey believes that every customer has a unique need, and the solutions should be customized according to their requirements. Leoch Battery offers solutions to its customer from the most basic to the most complex, depending on their budget and preference. For example, for someone looking for a battery storage system that would be used in brief intervals, at a low price vs someone else in need something durable and maintenance free, the company caters to fit the requirements of both with fundamental and advanced types respectively. Leoch Battery also provides pure lead punched grid type batteries as well as advanced lead carbon designs – both of which are a rarity in the market.

Successful in installing many off grids in Hawaii, Leoch Battery is exploring the microgrids sector, especially in Puerto Rico, which is still recovering from a major hurricane and rebuilding infrastructure. The company delivers energy storage solutions in UPS systems and has a product line that accommodates this application and caters to the backup power needs of data centers. Recognizing the enamor of the world for lithium due to its energy density and light weight, Leoch Battery has introduced lithium products in both 12V and 48V systems. Moreover, the company will soon be finishing its project of building a 200 thousand square meter battery plant that will have the capacity to produce 4 GWH of lithium cells.

With the history of growth, expansion, new designs and developing the next generation of battery solutions, Leoch Battery is continually testing and innovating new products and is committed to exceeding customer expectation while ensuring all products are made to the highest quality standards.

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Leoch Battery


Dianne Dickey, President

Leoch Battery Corporation is a leading global manufacturer of lead acid batteries. Founded in 1999, Leoch Battery is one of the fastest growing global battery manufacturers in the world, exceeding sales of $800 million in reserve power batteries this year alone. It offers solutions for virtually every stationary and critical power application. The company's incomparable range of products include Lithium (LiFePO4), AGM and GEL valve-regulated (VRLA), flooded and GEL tubular plate (OPzS, OPzV), Pure Lead Punched Grid, and many more. Whether the requirement demands long life, high temperature tolerance, partial-state-of-charge operation, or unique footprints - it has the right battery to fit the needs